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Tamborine is one of the UK’s leading audio post-production and voice recording studios.


Our expert team mix technical fluency, creative passion and outstanding production expertise

to provide our clients with the very best tailored audio service.


We are a passionate and dedicated team of sound engineers who work collaboratively with broadcasters, animators, ad agencies and filmmakers to craft award-winning soundtracks. Our clients include some of the world’s most recognised broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, CBeebies, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Disney and many more.


Technically fluent in sound and music mixing, ADR and Foley, we are also a creative bunch with an impressive aptitude for sound design, music composition, voice casting and directing.

Our studios are equipped to handle the most sophisticated audio productions, and our team of engineers, sound designers, composers and voice directors are all respected professionals. We are experienced in everything from simple voiceovers to complex sound design, as well as original music composition and production.


Because of our expertise in all areas of production, we offer our clients the unique option of managing the entire process. Tamborine will design, manage and deliver  the whole package, from

 voice directing, through to sound design and music production, to the final mix.


Tamborine MD and Senior Engineer, Nick Harris, is passionate about his craft.


“Tamborine is unique in that we are one of the UK’s most versatile audio post-production companies. Working as a dedicated and passionate team of sound engineers we can offer tailor-made services to suit all sizes and complexity of productions.”

Our specialist studio spaces are located in Fitzrovia in the heart of London and Media City. This ensures we are easily accessible and can support productions nationwide.”


So make yourself at home and click through the sights and sounds of Tamborine on our What We’ve Done page.